Metawave is revolutionizing the future of radar sensing for highly automated driving, and wireless communications for 5G.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Metawave is building its SPEKTRA, the first analog beamsteering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects close in proximity, and in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions -- making cars safer and smarter. The company has been delivering its Proof of Concept to leading automakers and Tier 1 transportation providers since 2019. SPEKTRA is capable of enhancing highly automated driving capabilities including cut in / cut out, automated braking, lane assist, and adaptive cruise control. For more information on or to join our POC program, please email

Metawave is also developing its state-of-the-art TURBO active repeaters and ECHO passive relays to enable faster, more efficient 5G deployments to bring high-speed connectivity to billions of users as they connect in bustling cities, busy office buildings, crowded concerts and sporting events, and under-serviced pockets all around the world. The company announced demonstrated results with DOCOMO in 2018, showing how its ECHO platform boosts signals for better communication speed and coverage using 5G. Metawave is working with global carriers to demonstrate both ECHO and TURBO, giving 5G users faster, economical, and reliable connectivity. To learn more about or join our 5G demo program, email


Spearheading innovation

Maha is a senior leader with more than 20 years’ experience in both public and entrepreneurial start-up companies in the RF, wireless, optics and networking industries. She has a demonstrated track record of: developing an idea from concept to product, delivering industry leading technologies, building teams and companies. Strong technology background combined with leadership, business and marketing skills. Previously, Maha served as co-founder and CTO of Rayspan, where she commercialized the first Metamaterial antennas and RF front-end subsystems for the cell-phone and WLAN industries. She has also pioneered the first broadcast HDTV system over satellite, mm-wave/Free-Space Optical systems for last mile connectivity, and led various DARPA projects in wireless MIMO and Optical devices.

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Sandy is a senior executive counsel and leader with 20 years' experience in public companies, law firms, and start-ups in the wireless, mobile, semiconductor, microprocessor, networking, Internet, ecommerce, financial technology, and payments industries. Most of Sandy's career was focused on providing IP guidance to innovators and businesses in emerging high-tech areas, recently including meta-structure innovations for wireless communications. Sandy has a demonstrated track record in effective IP landscaping and analysis, and building and managing patent portfolios through strategic development of internal innovations, acquisitions of third party acquisitions, and in-bound licensing. Sandy is an experienced and skilled manager, accomplished in developing talent, team building, and counseling, with strong negotiation skills and analytical capabilities.

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Jervis joins Metawave with 20 years' experience in finance, M&A and business operations leadership at industry-leading companies such as Hughes Aircraft (Radar Systems Group), Apple, Hewlett Packard, Wind River, VMware and Citrix.  At Citrix, he discovered a passion for working with start-ups, providing finance and business operations management to internal start-up teams. To continue his passion working with start-ups, Jervis launched Swerve Financial, a financial services firm helping founders of early-stage companies - including Metawave before coming on board full time.   Jervis holds a B.A. degree in Political Science with Business Emphasis from UCLA and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Matt is developing the architecture of the AI engine that powers Metawave’s autonomous driving radar platform. Matt holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics with extensive experience constructing deep neural networks. Writing code originated out of a necessity to interpret large data sets of nanoscale surface patterns caused by ion bombardment. Matt’s unique background and skillset provide him with an affinity for distilling complex, data-driven systems and tackling challenging quantitative problems that are facing the radar industry.  He led projects implementing deep CNNs, c-GANs, dense neural networks, and clustering algorithms. Matt received his PhD from Colorado State University and his B.A in Pure Physics from the University of Oregon.

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Conny brings 30+ years' international experience in traditional and high-tech industries. He has a successful track record engaging and closing deals with a broad spectrum of companies ranging from start-ups to F500 companies with $30+ billion in annual revenues. Prior to joining Metawave, Conny was Sr. Director of Business Development at PARC, with focus on communications, manufacturing, and automotive. Prior, Conny worked for Oracle as Strategic Sales Director, assigned to Global Network Equipment Provider OEM Accounts, representing $400M+ in systems revenue. At Sun Microsystems, he was Sr. Manager of Strategic Account Development, and was assigned to global accounts representing $800M+ in revenue. Conny holds a Hochschule für Technik, Esslingen, Germany: Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (M.S. in Business & Engineering).

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Shoaib has 25 years’ experience in managing design and systems engineering for commercial and defense industry. Shoaib is leading Metawave's Millimeter Wave Systems and software engineering team. He has vast experience in designing and developing Analog, RF, mmWave, mixed signals, antenna design, radar and optical communication devices. He joined Metawave from BAE Systems where he led Interferometry Multiple Objects Tracking RADAR for defense. He worked at Intel Corporation and led advanced technologies including 60GHZ,802.11ad test development. He designed  RF/Optical systems, Radar, Frontend and other communication devices while working at Lumentum, Maxim, Bandwidth 9 and Methode Electronics.

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Raul has 30 years’ experience developing microwave and millimeter wave components for commercial and defense organizations. He began his career at Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon, developing modules for F/A-14, F/A-15, and F/A-18 programs and later serving as team lead for the development of Advanced MMICs for airborne radar applications using top GaAs and SiGe processes. In the commercial sector, Raul developed MMIC products such as modulator drivers for Multilink and Semtech, and Linear WiFi amplifiers for Rayspan. At Clariant, Raul aided in the development of 24GHz and 77GHz automotive radar MMICs. For pSemi Corporation, Raul designed high-performance, market-released 40GHz and 60GHz SOI switches and engaged in the initial development of key millimeter wave MMICs.

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Kelly is a high-tech marketing professional with 20 years’ experience. She has developed and executed marketing and communications programs for a broad range of companies including Arduino, PARC, and VeriSign. Kelly has worked with a variety of start-ups to shape difficult-to-tell stories and create thought leadership positions for their executive teams. Prior, she has shaped messaging platforms for VeriSign, before e-commerce was a daily occurrence, Xerox PARC, selling complex innovation services, and Arduino, moving from passionate Makers to include enterprise IoT. She is excited to be working with Metawave to communicate the benefits of our groundbreaking technology to advance autonomous driving and 5G deployments.

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Founded in 2017, Metawave is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has built its state-of-the-art lab in Carlsbad, CA. Check us out on social media or contact us at