Classifying Objects Using Artificial Intelligence

In the landscape of today's automotive sensors, there is a huge blind spot that has severely restricted what self-driving cars are attempting to do. Cameras are low cost and high resolution but require lots of processing to detect objects. At night or in bad weather their range quickly drops. Lidar is powerful but has so far failed to become low cost enough for anything but highly specialized vehicles. It too cannot reach the ranges required for higher speed driving. Today's radar gets high marks for its low cost, reliability, decent range, and weather tolerance, but most self-driving car companies will tell you that camera and lidar consume the vast majority of their attention.

AWARE Integration with SPEKTRA for Autonomous Driving

AWARE integration with SPEKTRA for autonomous driving: The reason for this is very simple: today's radar delivers vague, imprecise information about its environment. Metawave SPEKTRA radar solves this ‘lack-of-precision’ issue with its revolutionary beamsteering technology, and Metawave's AI platform, AWARE, uses the latest advances in deep learning to extract meaningful information from this one-of-a-kind resulting signal.

AWARE integration with KLONE & TURBO for 5G deployments, indoors and outdoors

One of the great things about bringing novel technologies to market is being able to solve long-standing problems across industries. Enter Metawave's network planning AI, which utilizes a combination of deep learning and traditional simulations. It enables the ability to scan any application area – in office buildings, cities, stadiums, and more – and makes precise suggestions for optimal locations and arrangements of KLONE and TURBO platforms. Customers don't need to guess how these technologies will help them, we measure and design the configurations precisely. 

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