Senior Software AI Engineer


About Metawave:


Leveraging artificial intelligence and innovative analog beamsteering and beamforming technology, Metawave is advancing automotive radar and boosting 5G coverage, economically and efficiently. Metawave is building the first beamsteering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions -- making cars safer and smarter. Metawave is also delivering its state-of-the-art 5G platforms for broader coverage. TURBO active repeaters and ECHO passive relays to enable faster, more efficient 5G and fixed wireless deployments to bring high-speed connectivity to billions of users as they connect in bustling cities, busy office buildings, crowded concerts and sporting events, and under-serviced pockets all around the world. 

Full Time. Located in Palo Alto, CA

Required work authorization: United States

Your Role:

  • Contribute to Metawave's multi-sensor data collection and processing systems

  • Develop, deploy and optimize machine learning algorithms for the radar system

  • Build software infrastructure for large scale data storage and processing on AWS

  • Communicate requirements and specifications to the hardware and software teams

  • Collaborate with team members to build full-stack automotive software solutions

  • Perform other duties as necessary for completion of projects and achievement of goals



  • B.S/M.S./Ph.D. in computer sciences or related area with at least 2 years of working experience in industry

  • 2+ years of experience with machine learning, computer vision, and signal processing

  • Firsthand experience with a variety of learning approaches (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, etc.) and neural network architectures (convolutional, fully-connected, recurrent, etc.)

  • Excellent programming skills, especially in C/C++ and Python

  • Familiarity with common cloud computing resources


  • Experience with deploying custom software to embedded CPUs, GPUs, or FPGAs

  • Previous work with autonomous vehicles, multi-sensor data collection, or large-scale data processing.

  • Knowledge of the physics of radar and sensor systems

  • Interesting projects on Github or similar



  • Minimum of BSEE with a Master’s degree preferred

Experience: Software Engineering/AI: 2-5 years